Comparative database


♦ Subjective measure of party membership and activism: see the overview of existing cross-national surveys presented in Ponce and Scarrow (2014)

♦ Objective measure of party membership: find the full MAPP comparative dataset HERE. It includes 6,307 party membership data observations (M) covering 397 parties in 31 countries between 1945 and 2014. It is updated as we expand to more parties/countries. It can be explored via our data viz tool.

Please cite both the database and the foundational article when using the data.

DATABASE cite as:
van Haute, Emilie, & Paulis, Emilien. MAPP Dataset [Data set]. Zenodo.

Van Haute, Emilie, Paulis, Emilien, Sierens, Vivien (2017). « Assessing party membership figures : the mapp dataset », European Political Science, published Online First, ttps://


The template MAPP questionnaire used for the cross-national membership survey contains 7 modules. It is structured as follows:


Module 1 – Respondent Info

Module 2 – Socio-Demographics

Module 3 – Political Attitudes

Module 4a – Enrolment of members

Module 4b – Enrolment of sympathizers

Module 5 – Position in the party

Module 6 – Activism

Module 7 – Perception of role

Sections highlighted in yellow in the template document indicate questions and/or answer categories that need to be adapted to the national or party context.

The template questionnaire also includes the questionnaire logic (skip and display of questions).

The template questionnaire can be accessed here:

Party members survey – MAPP official questionnaire template